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September 22 – October 27 in Portland, Or

Script Interpretation and Text Analysis

This workshop deals with transforming experience into art through the imagination. To know the thoughts is to feel and experience the idea of the play; the choices that are made by the playwright, the director and the actor that reveal character. The truth of a realistic character must be in the actor. It is not something they “act”; it is something they experience.

Among the topics under discussion will be:

  • Structure
  • Characterization
  • Use of Dialogue
  • Plotting
  • Adaptation
  • Performance

We read one play each week (all are included in a Dropbox format). Then, in class, we will watch a film based on the play.

Carole Zucker will give an introduction to the playwright and the social world s/he inhabits. Scenes will be shown from other versions of the same play with different actors to see how each actor interprets the same scene. (For example, we will view the original filmed version of Death of a Salesman, then watch the same scenes as acted by Dustin Hoffman and Brian Dennehy.)

Playwrights include: Tennessee Williams, David Mamet, Arthur Miller, Chekhov, Shakespeare, among others.

Dates, times and price

  • Every Saturday from September 22 to October 27
  • Hours: 12-4
  • Place: 5746 N Haight Ave, Portland, Or
  • 6 weeks of class for $200
  • Early Bird Registration by September 8, you get $25 off the fee.


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